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A website dedicated to the words and work of John Thelwall (1764-1834)

John Thelwall’s lifelong devotion to the social speech act over solitary written art, to practice over theory, and hence to utilitarian and democratic forms (the public lecture, periodical and pamphlet) over authorized editions, has contributed to the loss of his legacy, and remains a major impediment to scholars. While modern print editions are at last beginning to appear, their high production costs and limited circulation stand in the way of the intellectual accessibility that was Thelwall’s hallmark. Digital publication promises to overcome the fragmented state of his archive while allowing the widest range of scholars and students to access, assess and appreciate Thelwall’s legacy.

Intended to complement rather than compete with print editions, this project republishes primary texts that are not available elsewhere, or in different combinations or versions, representing the wide range of Thelwall’s interests. Because Thelwall’s archive has been so scattered, his corpus must first be established, before it can be analyzed. For that reason, the first phase of this project will concentrate on simple transcription with minimal digital, editorial and scholarly apparatus (though what is included follows standard TEI guidelines). In later phases, as resources allow, we hope to produce more elaborate editions that allow for more structured search and analysis, and take full advantage of digital possibilities (eg. images, manuscript pages, parallel versions etc.).

The foundation of the archive is a group of texts produced by members of graduate seminars in Digital Romanticism and Print Culture at Dalhousie University.

In addition to electronic transcriptions produced for this archive, you will find links to electronic texts located elsewhere, and a bibliography of available print sources.

John Thelwall:
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